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Have you always dreamt of the ultimate white wedding with falling snow, but know you’ll never be able to predict the weather? Now you can have the perfect Winter Wedding all year round!


When you hire one of our snow machines you can have snow even if your wedding is booked for the middle of summer!


Hire a snow machine for your wedding day and bring the delight of a white winter’s day to your guests at any time of the year.


Our talented Snow technicians can create exactly the atmosphere you desire. Our snow creates a stunning and realistic impression of a truly white wedding and photographs beautifully.


Whether you choose to create a snow themed wedding for your entire wedding day or dream of a gentle fall of snowflakes indoors for your first dance, we can provide atmospheric snow fall – without the cold.


A falling snow effect can be created to melt instantly as it falls to the floor making it a superb, no mess, solution for indoor events.  For a more robust outdoor solution, our snow technicians can build layers of snow that look incredibly realistic and create the impression of a heavy snow fall for creating magical settled snowy surroundings that photographs beautifully.

For the perfect Winter Wedding photographs, we can also provide scene setting, creating a realistic backdrop of frosted trees, snowy window ledges, and the opportunity to create a "couple's footsteps" shot!

And it doesn't end there. In addition to snow effects we can also provide bespoke Winter Wonderland decor and acts to complete your theme. With props, draping, table dressing and lighting, we can build a complete winter package for your special day. 

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