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How wonderful would it be to be able to organise a Christmas event and guarantee a fall of snow?


What could be more festive than a Christmas Lights Switch On with a flurry of snow to add to the atmosphere?


High Street or Shopping Centre Christmas promotions can have a magical snowfall special effect. Christmas weddings can become a winter wonderland, Christmas carol services can be even more festive with the singers being showered with brilliant snowflakes.


All at the flick of a switch. 


Our near silent snow machines can generate a whole range of snow effects from a light frost, an indoor or outdoor snow shower.  We can create any type of snowy weather event you wish. Perfect for that Countdown moment!

Snowfall over the high street or entrance to a Shopping Centre adds some extra magic to the Christmas Shopping season. Add some themed meet and greet characters to join in a Santa Parade for a fantastic Festive shopping experience. 

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