Create Snow Scenes for Television, Films and Commercials

Whether your script calls for a brush of icing-sugar snow on the paths, a light dusting of frost over cars and trees, or a full snow storm, our technicians will create extremely realistic snow scenes by mixing different strengths of artificial snow and a variety of machines to deliver exactly the effect you need. A combination of adjustable snow and wind machines can be used to generate a fine snowy mist or a heavy snowfall.  Our near silent snow machines generate a variety of snow effects that can be tailored exactly to your special effects needs.


Snow can be built into layers on floors, window ledges, and doorsteps creating the impression of a deeper snowfall, while snow shower effects will add movement and enhance the effect of the fake snow that’s already in place.  Our more substantial artificial snow can be walked on without melting and can even be used for a snowball fight, perfect for action shots!


The overall impression created by our skilled technicians and snow machine hire is one of realism. Whatever image you are trying to create our snow is proven to film and photograph beautifully.  So much so that we have hired our equipment to huge commercial organisations such as Harvey Nichols, ASDA, Urban Outfitters, Disney, Soap & Glory, Channel 4, Coke a Cola, Capital FM and Sainsburys for the creation of commercials and Winter Themed promotional events.

Each scene is built on a fully bespoke basis, transforming your location into the winter scene you need. From design to clean up, we provide the complete service catering specifically to you. Each element of our scene setting is realistic and will stand up to the scrutiny of any camera. 

We can create Snow Scenes for Corporate Events and Parties, in fact anywhere you want a realistic Winter scene!