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Create Snow Scenes for TV, Films, Commercial Spaces, Parks & Events

Transforming Dreams Into Winter Scenes


Key Services:

  • Film and TV Production: Elevate your scenes with realistic snowscapes.

  • Commercial Spaces: Capture the magic of winter to enhance customer experiences.

  • Parks and Events: Create memorable winter wonderlands for public enjoyment.

  • Shopping Centres: Attract and delight shoppers with festive snow environments.

Whether your script calls for a brush of icing-sugar snow on the paths, a light dusting of frost over cars and trees, or a full on heavy snowflake snow storm, our team of technicians specialise in creating extremely realistic snow scenes and winter landscapes by using artificial snow and a variety of machines to deliver exactly the effect you need. 


We can create artificial laid snow for TV, film sets and commercials and enchanting winter wonderland landscapes for parks, shopping centres, commercial spaces, weddings, festivals and events. We have even made an entire Town Centre snow! There is no limit to our creativity!


A light frost and ground frosting looks extremely effective on any surface, including pavement, buildings, objects, grass and fields. Or we can build up layers of snow on floors, window ledges, and doorsteps creating the impression of a deeper snowfall, while falling snow effects will add movement and enhance the effect of the fake snow already in place.  


The overall impression created by our skilled technicians and snow machine hire is one of realism. Whatever image you are trying to create our snow is proven to film and photograph beautifully.  So much so, our team has worked on winter scene setting for huge organisations such as Harvey Nichols, ASDA, Urban Outfitters, Funky Pigeon, Disney, Soap & Glory, Channel 4, Coke a Cola, Capital FM and Sainsburys for the creation of commercials and Winter Themed promotional events.

Each scene is built on a fully bespoke basis, transforming your location into the winter snow scene you need. From design to clean up, we provide the complete service catering specifically to you. Each element of our scene setting is realistic and will stand up to the scrutiny of any camera. 

We can create Snow Scenes for TV, Commercials, Films, Parks, Holiday Resorts, Corporate Events, Schools and Parties, in fact anywhere you want a realistic Winter scene! 

Why Choose Us:

  • Expertise in artificial snow production and installation.

  • Innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs.

  • Attention to detail for realistic and visually stunning winter landscapes.

  • Reliable and timely service, ensuring your project stays on schedule.

And you can rest assured our artificial snow is eco-friendly and sustainable, making it safe to use on all living things, including grass, plants and trees. 

We use all types of fake snow and machines to create chilly, magical, snowy landscapes that bring smiles and joy to everyone who experiences it.


Let us bring your Winter Vision to life! Contact our Snow Team today on 01253 351100. 

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