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Falling Snow, Settled Snow and Magical Snow Effects

Our snow machines create such a realistic impression of falling snow and settled snow you will feel chilly just looking at it; even in the middle of summer!

Our professional-grade snow machines are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, adding a touch of winter magic to Christmas parties, light switch-on events, stage productions, shopping centres, weddings and events. Snow Machine hire provides you with a member of our Snow Team and a large snow machine, such as the Snow Effect S500, one of the world's biggest portable quick-drying snow machines! Producing thousands of tiny biodegradable snowflakes, the Snow Machine S500 can be used inside and out, with a coverage of over 30 meters! If you want a different effect, we have an Avalanche Snow Machine that is capable of shooting snowflakes up to 18 metres in the air! We also stock medium sized, low-noise Snow Machines so we can cater for any sized event. 

Key Services:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Snow Machine Rental: Transform any space into a winter wonderland with our versatile snow machines.

  • Christmas Parties and Events: Elevate your celebrations with the magic of falling snowflakes.

  • Stage Productions: Create captivating snow scenes for theatrical performances and productions.

  • Shopping Centres and Public Events: Enhance the festive atmosphere with magical snow effects.

Call the Snow Team who will advise you on exactly the right snow solution for your event; available in different strengths for indoor or outdoor use and delivered by our near-silent snow machines; we have just the right kind of frost or snow flake and artificial snow delivery system for every occasion.

Our Snow operators and technicians are able to create different effects, depending on event requirements. Outdoors, where you may want a thicker snow effect, we use a snow fluid that will create an accumulation of 'snow' on the ground. This is a great choice for Christmas Light Switch On events, Outdoor events and recreating snow scenes! For indoor events and Stage or Production Shows, we create a finer falling snow effect using a snow fluid that is lighter; leaving you with very little clean up, ideal for indoor Christmas Parties where you want to bring the Snow indoors! Perfect for Winter Themed indoor and outdoor events and parties.

Our Snow Machine Hire has become extremely popular amongst the PR and entertainment industry due to the quality and professionalism of our Snow Machine and Operators. Our Snow Machines have been featured in Supermarket advertisements, TV Adverts and Robbie Williams’ music videos!

In addition to hiring lifelike falling snow for your event, our Snow Technicians can also dress your event and set the scene, with snow on the ground, around window ledges, on plants, trees, roof-tops, steps etc, to create a complete outdoor Winter Wonderland! Perfect Snow Hire for outdoor events, weddings and TV / Photo shoots.

We have provided Snow Machines for countless events, working with companies such as Harvey Nichols, ASDA, Urban Outfitters, Disney, Soap & Glory, Channel 4, Coke a Cola, Capital FM, Sainsbury's and many more!


Explore our gallery to see our snow machines in action. Witness the enchanting snowfall at various events, showcasing the versatility and impact of our snow machine rentals.

Ready to bring the magic of snow to your event? Contact The Snow Team for more information and let us make your next event truly memorable!

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